blue village...masih seri jalan-jalan di kampung nelayan di Belitung..
tatapanmu..duh,.. siapa yg tahan sama tatapannya mba indah nih.. :) shot saat hunting id-p di KRB.. crop asli.. sedikit main EV supaya highlightnya ngga clipping..
hitam..seri workshop di click-max pakai low-key, 4 lampu, front-rim-bg-hair light.. model ajeng
St George's Church, Lebuh FarquharBuilt with convict labour in 1818, it is one of the oldest landmarks in the city of Penang Malaysia. The entrance of this stately Anglican Church named after the patron saint of England, features a memorial canopy dedicated to Captain Francis Light.
land of freedommasih sesi foto-foto di cibubur.. cari angle yg pas untuk menunjukkan patung liberty dan indian horseman..
lionA lioness is a female member of the species Panthera leo. Lionesses are the core members of, and the primary hunters for each pride or primary social group of lions.
Segar...sesi motret ke padepokannya mas roy brg temen2 dr jkt.. tq roy for kambing guling & udang gorengnya.. MANTAB!!
cheers..seri hunting sama temen AF! di Museum Transportasi TMII.. model: Rini
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