surga batupulau terakhir di hari terakhir trip ke belitung... alhamdulillah dikasih cuaca cerah walau cuma 1,5 jam saat di pulau
mother's lovesedang jalan-jalan di lido lakes, bareng istri dan anak ke-2 :).. jeprat-jepret deh..
St George's Church, Lebuh FarquharBuilt with convict labour in 1818, it is one of the oldest landmarks in the city of Penang, Malaysia. The entrance of this stately Anglican Church named after the patron saint of England, features a memorial canopy dedicated to Captain Francis Light.
Penang mosqueThere are a lot of mosque at Penang Malaysia
Sexxxy..amel emang sexy :) special event on H2's BDay..
old pier..
Pantai Losarimonumen di pantai losari Ujung Pandang Sulawesi Selatan
berduaan..nyobain lens 300mm untuk motret burung emprit, fuih pegelnya ampun.. ;) cobain format 16:9 dari kamera..
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